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Gippy Grewal songs list movies and new album!

The article will show you all the latest gippy grewal songs list and the latest albums. The singer is now active since the year of 2003 and became very popular in India. One ofhis most favorite singers are sir manak. The singer is now busy with the making of his new film.

We have created a big list of his most popular songs and have chosen the latest 10 songs of the last 5 years. For so many people they don’t know exactly who gippy grewal is and what he does? He makes punjabi songs and punjabi films for the audience over hole the world.

Short Information about the singer

  • Full Name : Gippy Grewal (Rupinder Singh)
  • Born on : 2 January 1980
  • Music Label : Speed Records

He started like an amateur and ended like a pro in the movie and music industry of punjab. His most biggest hit was the album ”Desi Rockstar”. One of his punjabi songs that became so success named ”hatiyar” the song was produced with Aman Hayer.

Gippy Grewal Songs list top 10

We have made a list of his latest punjabi songs and we have chosen for 5 single numbers of his album desi rockstar from 2010 and his latest punjabi albums in the year of 2012 and 2013. The biggest number of him on the moment named ”Massi” the song comes from his new punjabi film ”singh vs kaur”.

The song has been viewed one million times on Youtube. The music producer of the songs named Navaniat Singh, the film will be released 15 february of 2013. Just find below the list of the top 10 gippy grewal songs and the details.

  1. Hatiyar
  2. Massi
  3. Mulahjedaariyan
  4. Phulkari
  5. Akhiyan
  6. Flower
  7. Pink Nanke
  8. Angreji Beat with Yo Yo Honey Singh
  9. Marjawan
  10. Desi Jatt
Gippy Grewal Songs List

Gippy Grewal Songs List and New Album

These are all the songs in the top 10 of the singer. All the songs are not older than 5 years. You can find all songs with accompanying details, pictures and videos in our library and other categories. His most beautiful and heart touching song is massi on the moment.

New Album of Gippy Grewal

He has made a lot of music and movie stuff for the indian-punjabi people on earth. In the total complete set his library contains more than 30 songs and 7 punjabi films. Besides his films and songs the actor has also won many awards like the : BritAsia, PTC and the PIFAA award for his albums.

The list is just very huge and it’s so much. We hope we can expect a lot of beautiful stuff of his gippy grewal songs or movies.

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  1. Nice songs and movies list of Gippy Grewal. I will keep this page updated of the latest news arround the singer and actor.

  2. I love Gippy Grewal

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